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Why choose Village  School?

Here your child will gain the abilities to INVENT the FUTURE.

INNOVATION IS A CORE VALUE AT VILLAGE. We focus in the search of new practices in education, in creating an environment for thought, reflexion and action.

Action becomes easier when a school is open to partnerships overseas. That is key to staying up to date. 

In 2021, Village International's immersed education is empowered by Jump Math, Houghton Mifflin Hartcourt, Infotec Educacional and many other educational renowed resources.


90% of Brain Growth Happens Before Literacy
So we know that crucial milestones  happen before age 7

That is why our preschoolers get  a  program designed for them. Our activity centers are designed to nurture your child's innate abilities, to ignite curiosity  while working on fine motor skills, language and the path  for a math mind.   Our relaxed routines help create a perfect environment for early development support.

Self awareness and well being are the core identity of our Plan. Kids practice yoga, meditation and reading within the walls of our school and to accomplish all that, we go from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm.


We resume our teaching for learning in four activity centers per classroom for young students.
We  make liasions with Institutions abroad that may change from time to time, because we stay flexible to keep up with new tendencies and practices.


The most relevant are always listed in Partnerships and seldon change because they are commited to the same values as Village.

Our teachers will not necessarily attend the same program abroad because we want each one of them to have the chance to perfect their own areas of abilities as will our students. But they have the chance to continuing education. That is among our beliefs.

We built a makerspace because we value STEAM as means to a new world of creation. Digital literacy is an important skill and  a hands on space was desirable.
The scientific method is present across disciplines.


English & Language

We teach in English and then, in Portuguese. We teach mostly in English because of ACCESS...



Develop a passion for learning  and you will do amazing things.

“Wisdom is not the result of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to

acquire it.”


In order to suceed in the 21st century we must teach students how to think, how to persist and pose the right questions.​ It is much more about the skills needed than about content.

These are the cornerstones of becoming a successful learner.

Critical thinking

Push students to go beyond fact memorization and embrace a conceptual understanding of the material, embrace a learning process where questioning and reasoning is key. They develop skills and exercise tranfering knowledge across domains.


Communicating , Articulating clearly  ideas or thought, in writing and orally, using  digital tools and resources successfully and sharing findings are  essential for success in academics and in life.


Developing empathy, the ability to work in teams, learn from others and work on a collective knowledge base, creating something bigger together.

Combined, the four C's empower students
to accomplish just anything.



It all conveys in success if creativity and innovation are a core value in an educational process.  Knowledge moves across disciplines. There is connection between high academic achievement, problem solving, and creativity. Creativity is synonym to economic growth. It is  the pursuit of new concepts and by developing multiple skills and innovating,  new products come out to meet market needs, entrepreneurialism and leadership are exercised.

Creativity in schools should offer circunstances in which there is no known answer, where there are multiple solutions and where  ambiguity is seem as fertile ground. Innovation will follow in academics and in all areas of expertise for an unprecedented new Era of change.

We create  opportunity to a perfect outcome; an individual who is aware, ready to lead and to offer contributions to others



High Academic Achievements thrive in creative environments better. When one walks through the gates of Village, our students voices and laughter will populate your memories. Happy and Learning at all times. That is Village.

With two curriculums, we pride ourselves on result and on the confident and considerate individual your child grows into.

We measure their learning in four steps and in regular intervals not to miss out on any opportunity to excel in a subject or skill as well as address and intervene whenever desirable.





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