Their Future Can Be Different!


“To guide and motivate the construction of knowledge in a safe environment, one that is suited to research and learning, observing individual talents and encouraging interaction between individuals who, through their experience of immersion in bilingual environment of academic excellence, are prone to continuous learning, critical thinking, caring for themselves and others, caring for our Planet and actively participating in building a sustainable and peaceful world.”

Our Differentials


  • With our Activity Centers, you can customize your child's experience from 12 months old to 6 years old (Alphabetization and Literacy);

  • Bilingualism in early childhood;

  • International schedule classes;

  • Large rooms with learning centers;


  • Development of multiple intelligences;

  • Own methodology that focus on stimulating communication and reading;

  • Mathematics learning by experimentation;

  • Focus on developing logical thinking and decision making since the earliest years;


  • Partial schedule 2-5 times a week in our Activity Centers for children up to 6 years old, including those enrolled in another school or homeschooling;

  • Mommy and me classes - participate with your children (12 months old kids)


  • Frequent observation of the practices adopted by countries that stand out in PISA (Programme 
    for International Student Assessment);


  • Internation education partnerships;

  • Teaching staff with experience in bilingualism and international schools.

Village International Bilingual School

Village International Bilingual School was born from the enthusiasm and effort of professionals with solid experience in international schools of excellence, who in addition to the belief in bilingualism as a producer of a great differential for cognitive and mental development, believe in...


One of the principles of bilingual Portuguese-English education is that English is a means and not an end in itself. That way we don't have English classes. We have many activities in which various contents are developed following the principles...

Methodology and
Curriculum Proposal

Village School is interdisciplinary, "hands on education", follows the BNCC in the national project but the language of instruction in 70% of school time is English. Professionals with extensive experience in international schools lead the bilingual literacy project with the 1st grade...


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