Elementary School at Village is a very happy and exciting place to be. It is where we learn our ABCs and dive into the wonderful world of books.

We cook, we do science experiments, we dance. Yoga and meditation help us focus. S

PRIMARY YEARS (6 to 10 years old) GRADES 1 TO 5 




On Grade 1, we teach them to read and write in both languages. How? Our routines, our environment and our activity centers. 

You are invited to watch Parents' testimonies in our Gallery.

On Grades 2 to 5, they develop self awareness and readiness to "learn to learn" new and old things and to follow two curriculums that communicate across subjects and disciplines. Students transfer acquired skills across subjects the same way they change from one language to the other; naturally.


Jump Math  and Houghton Mifflin Hartcourt are solid grounds in Math, Reading and Science, available both in digital and print  resources at school.  Students can annotate and interact with teachers on any document as well as access a library with 3D videos and experiences accessible even from a smartphone. But we keep digital experiences under advisable amount of time.

So far, we follow Common Core as our second curriculum liberally because we are not accredited as an International school. At least, not yet.

Middle School will be a journey in itself. Growing up with our friends and enjoying our friendship and living special moments while being challenged into thinking abouth the world and proposing sustainable solutions for our everyday lives is awesome.

Grades 1 to 5 are offered from 09:00 to 16:00h in order to cover our entire Plan.


Virtual Education is an ally

Creating new solutions  is part of what to expect when educating children. Once the Pandemic sprang out and changed our lives, we started teaching online from April 1st. 

The Digital world, coding and technology  is part of living today, and adaptation is key to success. It will impact all areas and professions. 

HALF THE PROFESSIONS of the future will be new ones.



APPLE hardware and software enrich our digital access in the classroom environment, mainly in Science and Reading. 

Augmented reality , 3D printing, robotics and coding are in perfect interaction with Arts and the students annotate and share documents and ideas across  disciplines with teachers and peers.


Change is there.  AT VILLAGE they will learn To Be Ready to  act  upon  challenge.

Technology has become an ally in a digital world. Virtual Environments have come to stay.