Our school maintains a safe, sound, creative bi-lingual learning environment for students to identify their needs and interests where the scientific method is totally integrated with the arts and culture leading to a holistic view of life where students comprehend their interdependence, Ignite and maintain curiosity permitting them to take risks to solve new and old problems, perfecting their executive skills, developing a clear understanding of their potential and reinforcing reflective thinking in to the decision making process.

Village creates the perfect opportunity to see an ideal outcome; an individual who is happy, aware, ready to lead and share his contributions with others.

Preschhool is divided in 4 grades
Preschool (2 years old)
PreK 1 (3 years old)
PreK 2 (4 years old) when education is already mandatory in BrazilKindergarten (5 years old).
Primary Years are divided in 5 grades1st grade  (they start when they are 6 years old) and should be ready to follow on to next grade levels in a sequence of years.
2nd grade
3rd grade
4th grade
5th grade

We are interdisciplinary and follow BNCC in Brazil. Apart from that, we have a department we call Village International which is responsible for every partnership in order to meet american standards in Math, English, Science, Geography & Arts in comparison to Common Core. We do it deliberately.
In order to acoomplish our goals, Jump Math ( Canada ) and Houghton Mifflin Hartcourt ( Journeys & Fusion), are providers of good standardized programs, digital and print and Village follows both. Teacher training program also offers Jump Math with actual trips to Toronto for workshops and further learning.
Ask for more detailed information when you visit our school.

Welcome to the future of Learning.
Our School is designed  to persue innovation



We commit to offering opportunities of training, not only in Brazilian territory.  Teachers from International Schools, bearer of rich backgrounds have been welcomed to  our staff.  They offer support to the Team and their collaboration is always appreciated enhancing the cultural pluralism.

Staying creative provides solid grounds to self awareness and to a curriculum that meets up to date concepts and goals, assuring students access to good Universities no matter where in the globe they decide  to offer their contributions.

We are interdisciplinary and we pride on a State of the Art curriculum by adding partners who contribute to the development of the child as a whole  and  excel in academics.



It is a chalenging  fast-changing, globally-connected, technology-rich future ahead of our children

We offer Interdisciplinary and project based hands on education. 

In order to accomplish high standards Village engages in partnerships in Canada, United States and England not only to train our staff  and offer great support in academics.

We comply with BNCC guidance.

So far, we follow Common Core as our second curriculum liberally because we are not accredited as an International school. At least, not yet.


We measure learning  in fout steps and self evaluation and week evaluation help teachers help students.

Meet our Staff at school. They have a rich background and work very hard on staying up to date with the best practices in education worldwide. 




Inventing the future, a world of opportunities


Keep in mind tomorrow's professions are bound to change, more than ever.

As As  changes in science and technology  gather pace, we must stay up to date in order to grant your child every chance to succeed in the 21st century and together we learn HOW TO THINK.

As important as the facts they learn are the transferable skills we must help them develop. 


Infotec educacional  is a partner  in Brazil with two NASA prizes, and they help us execute a curriculum in robotics, coding and technology. BUT WE DO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A CURRICULUM. WE INNOVATE ACROSS DISCIPLINES AND LEARN HANDS ON.


Our students can communicate their projects using a number of resources in the classroom or at MAKERSPACE  where despite still small, a 3D printer, a 3D scanner,  high-end educational robots, electric circuits, lab basics, augmented reality and apple resources are available.


Our role as educators is to inspire new discoveries and teach to persevere.

Portuguese classes start at Kindergarten. 

Our daily routines offer kids a sense of discipline and help them feel safe. Their smiles and laughter populate our school environment. 

Village School complies with BNCC once the Brazilian curriculum is mandatory and of such relevance to the future of our students. Despite not having an International License, we follow  the Common Core USA to ensure being leveled to international standards. We do it liberally with our Program, Village International. 


By proposing an innovation in the teaching-learning processess and importing  materials from Canada, USA and England, we expand the possibilities of social  integration globaly and offer up to date academic goals from well known sources. 

We  test our students to compare their progress to  American School Standards. Parents may be asked to sign an agreement allowing the school to submit their children to MAP TEST as from 3rd grade. 

Portuguese, Literature and Social Studies are taught in Portuguese. All the other subjects are taught in English and when necessary are complemented in Portuguese.

German instruction starts on Grade 3.